Amongst the many types of general construction projects we take on, we are also always helping clients create a “greener” home.  Remodeling and retrofitting your home significantly improves energy efficiency, and there are many ways to achieve this.  Some of which are as follows:



Updating the electrical system in your home provides a safety measure and allows you to supply modern-day energy demands.  Older systems are too weak for today’s electrical usage, and an upgrade not only charges your smart devices faster, but it also prevents power outages.  Plus, when you rewire, you get to choose where your new outlets will be for easy accessibility! 

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems – Upgrade, Re-locate and Install

The HVAC system is to help control the conditions in your home to create a comfortable environment through heating and cooling.  With an energy-efficient system, you save money and energy in the long run. 

Energy-Efficient Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters can be up to 15% more energy efficient.  Tankless water heaters waste less water by providing hot water immediately.

LED Lighting

LED bulbs save electricity in the home by staying cool when used.  LED lights convert approximately 95% of energy into light, while only 5% is used as heat.  In the long run, you save more money for replacements to happen less often. 

Smart Home Solutions

Live more conveniently by managing all your home appliances from one place, maximize the security of your home, and have remote capabilities to control home functions. 


Other Home Services

Although home renovations are steadily becoming more energy-efficient and “smart,” there are still foundational aspects to keep your home strong and safe.  Our services include but are not limited to:



Reasons for repiping your home include: your home is older, water discoloration, have had pipe leaks in the past, or consistent low water pressure.  Hiring a trusted professional for this type of major plumbing repair is preferred over attempting this as a DIY project. 

Foundation and Seismic Retrofit

If your property was built in the last 25 years, you might not need to worry so much about the foundation of your home, for it was likely built to be more resilient against earthquakes.  Earthquakes aren’t the only thing to consider.  The ground is adjusting through weather and time, and there are a few variables that might support a foundation and seismic retrofit.  Is your house built on a hill, valley floor, near a water source (lake, river) or drainage basin?  All of these qualify for an inspection of the home foundation for possible retrofit. 

 Raised Foundation Piers Repair and Support

With many benefits to having a raised foundation for your home, it also makes it easier for home repairs.  With the ever-changing ground around your home, sometimes the piers need to be repaired and secured.  Foundation cracks can lead to major structural problems for your home.  Without tearing down the home to rebuild from scratch, luckily, there are ways to repair foundation settlement (or vertical displacement) and cracks.

Other General Construction Solutions

-Full electrical and plumbing upgrades

-Drain and mainline solutions

-Panel box upgrades

– Electrical subpanels

-Residential S-plate seismic retrofit

-Shear wall repairs

-Mudsill and epoxy

-Front porch repair

-Commercial CA soft story retrofit available upon request


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