Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

They say the kitchen is always the life of the party.  People gather around food, and it’s where families come together, holidays prepared, and cooking skills come to life.  The kitchen design is one of the most important to think about.  There should be a sense of order in the kitchen, and among the millions of ways to style a kitchen, we can make your kitchen remodel in a way that makes the most sense to your lifestyle.  


Complete Design and Material Selection

Consider the workflow that takes place in the kitchen.  Moving from the refrigerator, to counter, to sink – it should have an orderly design. Once the layout of your kitchen is planned out, the next step is to select materials to use for the cabinets, countertops, tiles, flooring, lighting, etc. Our kitchen remodeling contractors can discuss options that are to your liking and most suitable for your home. 


Plans, Engineering and Permit Pulling Service

Not sure if a permit is required for your home remodeling project?  That’s what we’re here for.  The person who pulls the permit is the one responsible for the work being done.  We provide a service to pull the proper permits to ensure you are covered while completing your home remodel project.  Want to do it on your own?  No problem, we will discuss your remodel plans and engineering, so you know which permits are required. 

Your bathroom is the most visited room in the house, for both the homeowners and visitors.  Often the design of a bathroom is catered to create comfort and cleanliness. However, a well-designed bathroom can also add value to your property.  Once the style/design is planned, there may be required changes to the plumbing system and all of which should be handled by our professionals.  Plumbing and electrical might add to your consideration when designing the bathroom. Other things to consider as you plan your bathroom and kitchen remodel:

  • Budget– As most of us are, sticking to a remodel budget is important, and if you want to stick to it, consider limiting and rewiring or plumbing, which can add extra costs.  That being said, you will want to design your remodel based on the current engineering of the home. 
  • Ventilation– Mold buildup is a top concern, and proper ventilation is vital to avoid it.  Built-in fans in the kitchen and bathroom will be installed with all remodel projects.
  • Lighting– Bathrooms don’t get a lot of natural light, for more privacy, so carefully planning your lighting adds character and comfort to the room. A frosted or tinted window can add more natural light.  Kitchens can add more windows or else install a brighter lighting system.
  • Adequate Drainage– No one wants to deal with improper drainage in the bath, shower, sinks, and toilet.  Adequate flooring to prevent leaks is also an important consideration, all of which we will discuss in planning your bathroom and kitchen remodel.


Framing and Wall Removal

Redesigning the bathroom or kitchen can mean new wiring, ventilation, and/or plumbing, therefor wall removal and re-framing will likely take place.  Another reason we might decide to remove a wall is to open up space such as the kitchen or dining room to create the style and appeal that you desire for your home.  Depending on the style of kitchen and bathroom you choose, additional installations will take place, such as new cabinetry, countertops, backsplash tiles, etc.  All have a unique style and function, so don’t forget to ask us about your options!

  • Cabinet Installation (custom, semi-custom, pre-fab)
  • Tile Installation (floors, walls, and backsplash)
  • Counter Top Fabrication and Installation (quartz, granite, marble)

Custom Glass Doors Installation

Custom glass doors add a significant element to the interior decor of your home.  Adding a customized glass door to showers is an elegant way to improve the bathroom, and when added to an important room in the house, glass doors provide the illusion of openness and space.  We have a specialist on our team that does just this and can advise on customized glass door additions. 


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