Complete Roof Renovation

The weather, age, and material…all the reasons why you might need a roof renovation.  There are all types of roof renovations with different materials used.  Based on several factors, we will come up with the best solution for your home.  Repairing one part of the roof only solves a temporary problem.  Renovating the entire roof saves you years of trouble from leaks and damage. How do you know if your roof is in good standing? The only obvious reason you would think to check the roof is if there is a leak in your home.  That said, there are preliminary checks to look for internal damage, mold, corrosion, cracked roofing, or damaged tiles.  Finding these issues before a leak could save you from a lot of internal damage to your home and a lot of money in the long run.     

Leak Repair, Patching, and Water-Proofing Systems

Now, if you have a leak and a patch would fix the problem, we can definitely problem solve using our best technicians and best materials.  We use only waterproof systems to make sure you are always covered, no matter the weather. 

Re-Deck, Framing and Wood Damage Replacement

Weather and old age can take its toll on the wood framing of the house.  With wood damage, comes frame issues in your home.  You may need wood replacement and re-decking.  The last thing you want is to grow mold in the crevices of the damaged wood. 

Cool Roof Systems and Composition Shingles

Cool roofs are historically white or a light color to reflect visible, infrared, and ultraviolet rays from the sun.  The biggest plus is that in hot climates, a cool roof reflects heat and keeps your house cooler, using less energy, not to mention a cool roof also enhances the durability of the roof!  According to the Environment Protection Agency, a cool roof helps reduce energy use, reduce air pollution, and improve health and comfort within the home.  A smart and durable choice for your roof is a cool roof, and don’t forget to ask us about composition shingles.  With a variety of materials to choose from, we suggest what is most suitable for your home.  Among the many options, we also work with the following:

  • Flat and Torch Down Systems (TPO available)
  • Tile Roof System (Spanish, concrete, clay)
  • Solar Panel Systems Installation Available Upon Request.


Rain Gutter Systems for all Roofing Projects

Standing water and debris build up in your gutters can lead to cracks and ultimately damage your home.  From a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, gutters are an important decision to make while remodeling or building a home.  Avoiding algae, moss, buildup, and cracks can save you time and money in the long run.  Beautiful wood troughs add an aesthetic appeal to the home and have a pricier tag, while a lower-maintenance copper option would be more sustainable.  The options are vast, and we have the professionals to help you make that decision. 


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